The college admissions and financial aid processes are complex and confusing, so you may find yourself asking some questions: 

   •    What kind of financial aid will we probably receive?
   •    When do we need to start planning for college?  
   •    Do we make too much money to get any financial aid?
   •    If we have a child about to go to college and have not saved much, how
           will we manage the bills?
   •    What kinds of loans are available and how do we choose?

Here at The College Funding Center of South Carolina, we help families find the best (and safest) plans for:

   •    Saving, planning, and paying for college without devastating retirement,
          based on individual family financial circumstances.
   •    Maximizing cash flow to pay for college (without massive student loans)
          and eliminate debt in record time.
   •    Keeping retirement dollars safe while providing excellent potential

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